Gameday Surprise

So yesterday the whole fam loaded up to go to Lubbock to handle a little business, have lunch with friends, and then get our tails home. Then we drove through campus.

I'm sure you see where this is going....

And the game was AWESOME!!!!

Almost 12 hours later than we planned we are headed home from a true Texas Tech experience because of the following:

1. We had a slow nerve racking start. Wouldn't be TTU if they didn't make me crazy nervous.

2. In the second quarter the wind blew a WALL OF DIRT into the stadium. Excuse me while I get the dust out of my teeth and eyes.

3. We came back with some serious points on the board even with SIXTEEN new starters. (for my non football people that 2/3 of our team that are brand new starters and that's A Lot)

The Bug stayed with friends while we were at the game but we did get a Will Rogers Pic.

This year at the game (11 mos)

Last year at the game (4 weeks) (I promise she's in there somewhere)

Anyways, if you know my Hubs and me at all you know that we are VERY different and have almost polar opposite taste. In fact mostly all we have in common interest wise is JESUS and Texas Tech football. Really.

Actually in the story of our lives those two joined forces to bring Russ and I together. (well God used football to keep us in each others lives when we would have bolted.) So what I'm trying to say is that it is our thing. This was a badly needed date that was awesome for both of us!

Thank you Lord for your abundant blessing!