Getting My Fix: Stitch Fix #2

So I had to abandon Stitch Fix for awhile because you know....Uganda. But when things were looking really bad and I needed a little pick me up, I decided it would be my step out in faith to go ahead and schedule a fix that just happened to show up Monday. While I was home. With all five of my babies. God is so good.

So here is the low down:

photo 1

(Sorry for the giant band-aid, life around here isn't for the faint of heart!)

I adored this dress. Adored it. was a little too white and a little too crisp for my current lifestyle. Also? I have what many a lady altering bridesmaid dresses for me, referred to as "athletic" build, read: big ribs. So it didn't fit quite as well as it might on someone else.

As much as it pained me, I sent this one back.

photo 2

Okay, I thought this shirt was bland and boring and I didn't really get why my stylist picked it for me...until I saw this picture. And then I loved it. I don't really know what happened there. I just loved it! They also sent me that cute bag, that is also a cross body. I loved it, but I actually already have one almost exactly like it.

Kept it.

photo 3

The skirt. Its flowy and navy and polka dotted. My number one fave with no second close in sight. Right when I asked Russ to take the pics Jane stumbled right in between the chair and piano and was not a happy baby. So I got a pic with a cute baby and cute skirt. Life is good, man.

Kept it.

photo 4

So y'all might remember that dress from my last fix. Or maybe not, because why in the ever loving world would you remember so much about my clothes. Point being, that is a dress from my last fix and that jacket was a special request. Because I am past caring whether jean jackets are in style or not, they are the single most functional thing I could have in my wardrobe. And I didn't have one. I threw it on with boots so I would look fall-ish and I loved it!

Kept it!

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