Global Perspective

I have a thing for world maps. I made the Bug a world map to go in her room, I have a huge one on the wall in our living room, and a globe right as you walk in the door. I'm a Big believer in letting kids find their own interest and letting then explore and yada yada yada, but in case you needed proof about how much a child's environment effects their interests I have gathered evidence.

That evidence being my crazy energetic Bug that can't even sit down for more than one book at a time sat down. She wanted to look at her map, and when that got old she wanted to look at the globe. We talked about continents and oceans and cultures and animals.

It was a beautiful twenty minutes where I felt like maybe I was getting it right. She looked up at me with her chubby little cheeks and big brown eyes put her fingers on my chin and said,

"mommy ouchie?"

"no, baby, those are zits"

Moment over.

Next lesson: Tact.