God's Laughter

Attenzionè: This post is not as lighthearted as most of what I write. There is a saying that goes, 'If you want to hear God laugh tell Him YOUR plans.'

I had plans. I had Big plans. I always have. I have dreamed of living abroad, living an exciting, adventurous, exotic life.

However plans change...and so do dreams. In the past few months somthing shifted inside of me, but it was uncomfortable so I chose to ingore it. Instead I threw myself into making my lifelong dream come true. I prepared and plotted like no one has ever done before.

God went along with my plans and even encouraged them and now I know why...He needed to show me that I wanted different things now than I did before instead of tell me (cause you know you can't tell me nothing).

While Italy is still the beautiful and wonderful place it was the summer of 2005, however, living here is no longer what I want. Yes. I did have a bad experience with my family, but that is not really the reason. I knew the second I set foot here that something happened to me that had never happened before in my life:

I was homesick. Seriously homesick. (This is from the girl that was gone for the whole summer and only called home two or three times)

I am coming home.

To those who are dissapointed I sincerely apologize.

To those who said I couldn't do it I stand here to say that you were right and I am humbled.

I am choking on my pride right now, but I want to thank all of you for your love and support. It would be so easy to stay, to find a different family and settle in, but please understand that I am making the harder decision because I truly believe that it is God's will.

So now I am laughing with Him. In fact I am laughing all the way to PARIS tommorrow.


See you on Friday!