God's Majesty

Saturday I took Russ on a suprise trip to Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico. Let me tell you that driving up there I was a little concerned. I was looking around at dry barren land coving what are just a little more that just hills. I was seriously thinkin, "This place is ugly and this is where I dragged my husband on a Saturday...awesome." However the suprises I had in store for me brought up the deeper side of my thought process. You see, as we decended into the cave and saw the enormity of it and the beautiful diversity of the all the rock formations and celings so high you couldn't see the top it all hidden beneath those ugly hillsides it got me to thinking.

I know you thinking we're in dangerous ground right now!

But here is the thing. I've been in, around, and on top of some of the largest and most grand cathedrals in the world. (In case you forgot this little adventure or this one.) I've seen Michaelangelo's work and Leonardo, I've stood at the bottom of Notre Dame and stared up to the top of a gothic masterpiece and I have to say that after all men's work and striving to capture the splendor of God in a building God Himself has outdone them all.

With Celingings higher and dungeons lower and more intricate and minute details than can be found in all the Vatican, God didn't even boast his creation in one of the worlds biggest and most fabulous cities. He hid it right there in the New Mexico country side.

Now that is seriously cool. How awesome is God?!?!