Got the Hook Up

So the bottom fell out. It has been around 42 hours since my body has retained anything solid or liquid. The good news? I got the hook up:

Yes, that is an IV, but also that's MY bed. Not a hospital bed. The doctor was nice enough to give me the choice of hospital or home health care (no brainer).

What most people don't know is that losing weight in your first trimester is normal. But I'm 13 weeks and that's no longer considered first trimester and at any rate 5 lbs in a day in a half is almost never okay.

THE BEST NEWS is we got to hear our little love's heartbeat and he/she is in there doing fine despite it all. Babies are evidently very tough!

The bug is with her Nanna right now and as I have to keep this in for at least three more days we will be needing lots of help, I hate being away from her so much and I really hate that even when I'm with her I can't just play, but at the same time we are so blessed to have help so close and a Bug that is well adjusted to almost anyone around her.

So again prayers are appreciated. It seems God is taking us for a big crazy ride and we are just holding on with all our might right now!