I've been a slacker again this week, but I really do have a valid reason. (I excuses only missed opportunities!) You see I'm a guest on Russ's computer this week. As I was perusing through facebook pictures and profiles the other day my screen turned a most delightful shade of blue. Yup that's right I got one of those all-consuming viruses.

For the most part it's not a big deal, because I don't keep anything important on my computer, however it does creat a blogging problem as Russ actually uses his computer for work (huh? whats that?)

It has created a social problem though. You see it's much more difficult for me to actually conduct my social life online if I can't facebook!

Does it matter that I'm going to see those people in 10 minutes anyways? Nope. Does it matter that I have thier phone numbers and I could just call them? Nope. Does anyone really want to know 25 of the most random things that I can think up about myself (ie. I love frozen chicken nuggets still frozen)??? I think not.

None the less, I feel my social life dwindling...hmmmm who knows maybe I should consider actually talking to someone....

Nah I can just keep using Russ's computer ; )