Habit Forming

Is it too late for New Years resolutions??? Yes. Well that's okay cause after last years' disaster it's probably best that I don't go there.

Here is what I'm thinking though, there are some things I really want to be committed to.I have watched Lily's physical development blossom and now I'm getting to watch her mental development bloom. In the same way I want our family to form good habits so that God can use that to help our hearts bloom.

So let's just consider this my revolutions list for the next 80 years or so, mmmmmmk?

1. Read/Study/Memorize Scripture So here is how this is going down right now. We started the One Year Chronological this year; one pastor called it the view from 30,000 feet. It keeps us connecting the pieces, knowing scripture, seeing the whole counsel of God. We are also studying, digging in learning and applying specific scriptures. We also have a family bible verse that we memorize. That is going slow, but we are learning together. I want scripture written in our hearts so we will keep going till it sticks!

2. Prayer The Bible tells us to pray about everything. I have always know that, but I'm ready to apply it, take it literally, and take it personally. So we are working on doing EVERYTHING prayerfully in our home. Going to the grocery store? We are going to pray. Seeking Jesus' counsel is going to be come as natural as breathing.

3. Healthy Eating Yes this is partially because I'm gonna be wanting to lose some baby weight soon, but it's way more than that. I believe and have seen in my life that eating junky over processed foods affects my mind and body. I don't want to be running on "good enough" I want to run the way God made my body to run! Also, I'm feeling pretty convicted about the food worship that is so culturally prevalent. I don't want my days to be consumed with what we are going to eat, how we can have more and what will be the most satisfying. So we are shopping the perimeter and simplifying meal choices.

4. Service This one seems hard with a toddler and soon to be newborn, but I really want us all to start learning to look beyond ourselves. As I do this, I'm learning there is always a way to serve. The easiest thing right now is taking a bag to the park and picking up trash as we come across it, taking snacks to bible study, or meals to people that need them. I want to cultivate a heart of service in all of us and that means doing what you can when you can. Someday that might mean bigger more "official" things. Right now it's just seeing the blessing of the small things. Learning to be like Jesus

5. Learning I'm not talking about the sitting down learning colors, numbers, letters thing. I'm talking about exploring inside and out, following an interest, going and doing things we haven't done before. I want to model curiosity and discovery. True learning. I want to exercise my mind, stretch it, and push myself. I want my kiddos to see that learning is more than school and worksheets and 12-16 years in a classroom. It's a lifelong process of growing.