Ham & Cheese

I'm resting from my trip to Oregon and the puke apocalypse of 2012 and the embarrassment of running through the Denver airport with a baby strapped on me and one dragging behind me to make a twenty minute plane change. On the bright side our air travel went well again partially due to the fact that my children are all ham and cheese.

Ham? Lilybug. Exhibit A: as we were waiting in the boarding line in Portland (at 6:00AM mind you) I was trying to distract her by getting her to sing a song. Oh and did she ever sing. She stood up on her car seat and sang "Happy Birthday Ily" at the tip of her lungs. And then? She proceeded to cheer for herself and in so doing cause everyone in the boarding line to cheer for her as well. Nothing like a little thunderous applause for a two year old before the break of dawn.

Exhibit B: when we got off the plane in Amarillo Lily walked off the jet ramp stopped in her tracks pointed one foot dramatically behind her and yelled "Daddy, ere are ooo???", the proceeded to chasse down the entire terminal prancing from one side to the other repeating, "Daddy, ere are oooo?"

Charming that one is.

Cheese? Avacakes.

Exhibit A:


And that's all you really need because he has looked like that since, not exaggerating here, the day she was born. Ill be darned if that kid doesn't just always have a smile plastered all over her face.

My recipe for happy air travel? A little Ham & Cheese please.