Head Hunter

I had planned a super sweet adoption post today, but you are gonna have to wait for Friday for that because my head just exploded yesterday with the worst headache I have had in ten years. In fact, I can barely see this screen to write it hurts so freaking bad.

So why am I bothering, you ask?

No, no, it isn't that my narcissism has gotten so bad that I think you can't live a day without me. It's just that right when I was feeling like the pain might make it worth it to just cut it off and throw it in the dumpster, because it was clearly more pain that any added value it provides, my girl cuddled up next to me.

That girl. The one desperately trying to turn all my hairs grey. The one that daily drives me to an early grave. That one that has a skull made of stainless steel.

She said, "Mommy, you don't feel good?"

"Nope." "San I pway for you?" Yes, please." "Sank you for mommy and her head, Amen."

Well. I certainly can't get rid of head that my baby girl is thanking God for.

So I guess I'll just go lay it down and live to write another day.