Hipster Cats, Alarms, and Naps

So it's planting season which means that (without going into details I myself don't understand) Russ is really really busy from sun up to sun down. Which means I'm really busy from sun up to sun...well bedtime for babies. However I have some thoughts to share. 1. Does anyone else think Pete the Cat is a hipster?

2. Lily has learned that she can set off the Ava alarm. She now knows that she can make Ava cry by fake crying herself.

3. That's right people, we have a sympathy crier on our hands.

4. For the last two days The Bug has asked to take a nap in the morning. She has slept for an hour and a half and still taken a two hour afternoon nap.

5. Should I be concerned?

6. Or just should I just count my blessings and hush up?

7. The latter.

8. Ava laughs when I sing. Not sure how to take that...

9. I never thought I would say this but yesterday I got sick of disposables and put Ava in cloth diapers because it's easier.

10. My goodness, Kaylie from five years ago wouldn't even recognize me.

BONUS: Really y'all, do you think Pete the Cat is a hipster?