We're baaaaaaaaack! I would love to say I missed you all horribly and that it pained me not to be writting to you, however, that is so far from the truth that the words would not even type.

Don't get me wrong dear loved ones I truely do think your fabulous wonderful people that under ordinary circumastances I would miss terribly (see entries about Rome and Paris), but the last week has been very extraordinary in every sense. In fact I don't even know where to start.

Well I guess I'll start with this: I am now Kaylie Hodges- that's right I am officially married to the most charming, handsome, intellegent man that I know!

Then my dear friends there was the honeymoon....oh the honey moon. Now there is something worth talking about.

I would love to share with you every detail about my week on the Riviera Maya (okay not every detail it was our honeymoon after all) it wouldn't even be possible to describe how amazing it was from begining to end. So over the next couple of days I will share some highlights and some pictures, because its just too wonderful not to rehash just a little!

We'll start with these:

Beautiful Beach


Delicious food


Exotic Jungles