No I'm not talking about that kind of housekeeping. Mostly because I don't do it so I have no authority on the subject. I'm talking about blog housekeeping. This little blog had been around for coming on five years so I guess it's high time.

The blogosphere is huge and filled with any and every kind of blog you could dream up. There are food blogs, parenting blogs, travel blogs, adoption blogs, mommy blogs, political blogs, advocacy blogs, well you get the picture. So what is this space?

Eclectic? Sure.

Mostly it's for my memories. I don't take pictures, I don't scrapbook, and I don't journal. I write.

It cannot be ignored either, that I choose to write in a public place. I make that choice every time I push publish because I believe deeply and firmly that shared experiences make the big life "experience" richer. A little honesty and perspective can go a long way to building compassion and understanding.

It can also infuriate and frustrate. I know it has certainly had that effect on me many times. I actually love a good discussion and will not back down from differing opinions.

That said...(here it comes...) there are many things I don't share on here. Deeply personal and spiritual parts of my life, many that involve others, that deserve the privilege of privacy. I will not disrespect my children, my husband, or anyone in my periphery by posting something that is not mine to tell. I also stay away from the mundane the thought process behind, and the winding journeys we take mostly because this is for memories sake. I don't need to see the bibliography of my research when I look back I just need to know I got there.

I don't claim to be an expert on anything. The only thing I ever claimed to be an expert on was cooking oatmeal and I even burned that the other day so I'm willing to listen even to dissenting opinions. I'm even willing to disagree in love because while I doubt myself every day I know the ground I'm standing on is firm.

So feel free to ask me questions if you are concerned about my choices, feel free to kindly dissent, feel free to start a hearty discussion, but please keep it kind. All condescending and/or condemning comments will be deleted.

I will keep sharing the way I do because I always believe its worth the risk of getting hurt to share the love be it moving home from Italy because I missed someone who was in no way committed to me, lovng a child be they bio or adopted that may not choose to love me back, or share my experiences even if it means getting shot down. Because y'all? I love you.