How Nap Time Went Down

My heart is still pounding and my blood pressure isn't letting up yet, but I'm gonna tell y'all this story so I can process. And also so I can use it as guilt trip on my children later. We were outside playing after lunch and it was time for nap so I was maneuvering Lily inside (she goes down first because it takes her so dang long to settle down and go to sleep), and I decided to just let Ava stay out and play while I put Lily down.

If this this seems weird or crazy to you let me justify myself explain that our backyard is huge and the distance between the nondescript clump of grass in which Ava was playing and the other side of the yard there are several trees, flower beds, and a driveway littered with delightful distractions like sidewalk chalk (one of Ava's favorite snacks) and cars and tricycles and such. It didn't seem like a big deal. Also in case you haven't noticed I tend a little toward free range.

After I wrestled gentle tucked Lily down for her nap, I went back outside to get Ava. But she wasn't still sitting in her innocent field of grass anymore. In fact at first I didn't see her anywhere. Thoughts of ending up on the evening news and every horrible thing that has ever happened to a child spun through my head in the less-than-a-second before I spotted her.

At the very back of the yard on top of the six foot platform that houses our slide.

I'm sorry. Did you not hear that? I said...ON TOP. SIX FOOT.

Okay if you're still with me because your heart did not in fact stop (I'm sure mine did, it is a medical mystery that I was able to keep functioning) you should know a preggo woman has never run so fast. EVER.

As I got closer (remember Big Backyard) I saw her sitting there with terrified tears in her eyes crying for her mommy.

NO actually that's not what I saw.

I saw her laughing. My itty bitty whittle fourteen month old was laughing. And then she stood up laughing to run away from me.

On a six foot platform. That is tiny. Towards a slide. That doesn't have sides.

I wish someone had been there with a timer because this big ole belly would have made Usain Bolt look slow.

I got her. She laughed all the way to nap creating a bitterness in me that I'm still choking down. Because seriously girl? Not funny!

Lest you think that was all when I got back into the house and Ava was snuggled safely in her crib I heard a noise from the Bug's room and when I went in to check on her? She was straddling the rail on her top bunk.

At which point I just calmly reminder her it wasn't safe to climb down that way and put her back in bed. Because Hey! A two and half year old climbing off a four foot bunk?

No biggie.