I don't talk about Hubs much because, well if he wanted himself all over the world wide web he would put himself there. But alas he is a fairly tried and true Gen Xer and therefore a little distrustful of the "system." But since he is a pretty, ya know, HUGE part of my life I thought I'd share some of the reasons I'm thankful for Hubs.

- he voluntarily watch the first half of West Side Story with me and withheld any snarky comments (he did fall asleep, but hey he tried)

-He never leaves the house without praying for me and our family.

-Sunday night when it was already past his bedtime he ran to Allsups to get me some Cinnamon Toast Crunch without mentioning one word about me being the one who banned simple sugars from the house in the first place. (They didn't have it, and he still didn't complain)

-He makes mind blowing zucchini bread!

-4:00AM, that's what time he wakes up to study for the college ministry he teaches so that he can spend the rest of the morning and his evenings with us.

-He has (finally!!!) given up on trying to have decorating input ;)

-His perfectionism. It drives me crazy, but things tend to work properly around here and that is a beautiful thing.

-He makes the Bug be brave,because he is a strong and confident daddy and that's what they do. Her biggest belly laughs are always for daddy's daredevil antics.

-He loves Jesus and leads and serves this household every day in a way I know makes Jesus smile!

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