Hula Deficiency

Humiliation. That is the only word to describe what happened today.

When I was younger I could jump rope like pro, I could do the skip thing with the ball on the end all day long, and I could turn more circles than anyone without getting dizzy. However I couldn't hula hoop.

I still can't. That fact became painfully obvious as I was substituting a kindergarten PE class.

They made it thier mission in life to teach me how to hula hoop. I swung, wiggled, and circled in vain as I watch five year olds literrally do circles around me while hula hooping. They were carrying on conversations, walking around, and sitting on thier knees and getting back up without ever missing a beat.

At the end of the day I just looked like I was doing a bad Elvis impersonation with a hula hoop circling my feet.

Did I mention humiliation?