I Couldn't Turn Off the Moon So....

I hit a new low. A very very low low. Because y'all, let me be frank. My PMS is trying to kill me. Last night the moon was full and bright and we have a house full of windows. Russ was breathing, and I'm so glad he was breathing but it was loud. So loud.

My head was pounding and aching and pounding and aching.

I was desperate.

I'm saying this was an act of sheer desperation in need of dark and quiet.

I climbed out of bed grabbed a pillow and a blanket and...

Stepped into the closet. Laid down on the floor and went to sleep.

To be clear, we don't have a walk in closet. At all.



Is where I slept.

(I moved the hamper.)

(Also, I hate that hamper and have hated it for four years)

(Someone please intervene)

Anyways my point here is, I slept.

In the dark.

In the quiet.

In the closet.

*Thanks Miss Kate for getting this one rolling