I Dare You

I dare you to WATCH THIS I dare you to think outside the bubble of your own problems and troubles.

I dare you to let your world be Rocked and then Do Something About It.

I dare you to set aside the facts, numbers, and statistics about the worlds orphans and look at them in the face as the beautiful, strong, full-of-potential people that they are.

I dare you.


Russ and I have started the adoption process to adopt a boy from Uganda. We are not choosing to adopt from here because we think these children need to be 'saved' more than other children, but because we have a love for these people and this country and a huge respect for their struggles. We also know that adoption is only one small answer to huge global crisis facing every corner of the planet. Our bubble has been popped. Our world has been rocked. We plan to Do Something About It.

Pray for us

The video above came from a this great site. You should check it out. But if this isn't where your heart is, that's okay. FIND OUT WHERE IT IS AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

"Pure and undefiled religion is this that you visit widows and orphans in their trouble and keep yourself undefiled from the world." James 1:27