I don't have the words

I wish I could write more eloquently. I wish I could explain the blessing we received for our adoption last week.

I wish I could put into words what it is like to witness miracle after miracle.

I wish that I had the words to explain how awesome God is; and more importantly how personal He gets.

I wish I could tell you how humbled I am and how beautiful that feeling can be!

What I can tell you is this, two days after receiving a grant from the Show Hope foundation we received a check in the mail for our adoption. It came from family and here is what you really need to know...it came out of their need, NOT their abundance.

Oh Lord, help me to have a heart like that. An obedient heart that gives when I believe I have nothing to give. To give my all and not my leftovers.

Their obedience stretched even beyond just giving, but also obedience to give in God's timing. The letter was dated almost a year ago, but they waited for God to say send. I am so thankful for that. I can say without a doubt the blessing would have fallen on much rougher soil last year. But now I'm learning about receiving with a heart of worship.

Thank you Jesus for giving me a chance to practice!