I Just Wanted the Jacket Off the Floor

That's it. That's all I wanted. Because for the most part, I've had to completely let it go. (Sing it with me, now.)

I have five kids under five and this house is insane. Mess is just part of the charm now.

Except that darn jacket. Laying on the floor. Right under the hook. That my three year old couldn't reach.

So I thought I would clear a few thing out of the utility room so they could use the hooks that they could actually reach.

Which led to me cleaning out the bookshelf and moving it.

Which led to me cleaning out the craft cabinet and moving it.

Which led to me recreating a Pinterest like mud room in our utility room complete with little cubbys for each kid, because if I find one more stray glove or hat sitting on the ground, I swear…. (gloves and hats in October, I have kids from Africa.)

(BTW, Pinterest fail.)

Which led to me cleaning out the boys closet.

Which led to several trash bags headed to the dumpster. On the exact week that the one dumpster truck in this town is broken down. (Because of course it is.)

Eventually my kids got so desperate they ate a bird seed bomb for a snack.

For a Snack.


Mom Fail.

(On a brighter note that particular day my oldest son actually remembered to close the back door when he came inside. Of course his sister was walking through it at the time and ended up with a black eye. But hey! We will take our wins where we can get them.)

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