I may have lost this battle...

But there's always next time!

I turn around for one second and that girl can get her very uncoordinated thumb in her mouth! I think there must be some kind of iron imbalance that is creating a magnet.

I am also losing the nap battle today.

Lily Kate: Mommy I don't need a nap.

Me: Of course you do your growing big and strong and need your rest

Lily Kate: Oh no, I'm already big and strong and watch I'll prove it by showing you just how loud I can be! :)

(Even though she can't technically talk, she has amazing ways of communicating!)

Silly me. What was I thinking, why would a three month old need a morning nap.

Fortunately a little lavender bubble bath and hair brushing did the trick and she is sleeping peacefully in her bed right now!