I Prefer "Hypervigilant"

I know I'm a little baby-centric around here lately, but really? I get a pass for it because it is what is going in in my life right now. So here is the deal, I'm 39 week and 2 days which is already a week longer than I made it last time.


I'm completely paranoid hyper-vigilant. Which I also think I should get a pass for since my last child was almost born in a LOVES truck stop. (Thanks for holding your ground hubs!)

I have never been so utterly aware of my body in my life and much of my time has been spent google-analyzing every sensation. However, there has been nothing to analyze.

I mean nothing. Not even a Braxton Hicks.

However that is not stopping me from being crazy aware because when I go into labor this time I'm going to know it by-golly!