I Regret Nothing

That's not true. I do regret it now. I committed major act of defiance against my body Wednesday afternoon and I'm still paying for that choice.

You see I LOVE ice water. I've never been one that has to force myself to it, I pretty much always make sure I have a cold glass of water within reach. Even my college days when more time than should have been was spent in establishments in which water was not only not a popular drink but one rarely served, I always had a cup of ice water close at hand.

Unfortunately pregnancy robs me of my habit because my body responds to water like a bad allergic reaction. So I not only can I not drink water I'm subjected to only drinking sugary fizzy drinks. For someone like me that is like Dante's seventh circle.

Okay that was a vast exaggeration.


Wednesday though I was overtaken. I just could not swallow another syrupy drink. So I marched determinedly into the kitchen filled a cup to the brim with ice and water and started drinking.

It felt so so good. It felt relaxing. It felt relieving.

It felt...like I was getting a little nauseous.

So I set the water down because I knew I had committed a huge rebellion and I was about to pay for it.

Later that night as I was writhing in bed trying to keep food down I was scanning through old pictures and I found a picture from when I studied abroad. I had a huge sandwich in my hand that I knew was from the Tabbacci (no idea how to spell that) across the street from my school.

In that moment I knew I had committed my second huge error of the day. Because now not only was I suffering the effects of my defiance I will now be craving a sandwich from Northern Italy in town you can't even get to by train for the remainder of this pregnancy.

So now it's Friday morning and I'm still in bed with a fear of lifting my head up; still craving a huge sandwich that is not in power to obtain.

I have regrets. Oh yes, I have regrets.


Don't tell me that huge sandwich doesn't look good to you.