IF Gathering, Cough Drops, & Good Chocolate

Y'all I have missed this little blog space, but my life has been so simultaneously full and mundane that I just couldn't quite come up with anything to write. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh thus the essence of motherhood amiright? So anyways I figure the best way to jump back in is to do some very technically profound writing in the form of bullet points in which I will probably use inconsistent punctuation and I can't even tell you how many there will be because I haven't actually thought it out that much.

-Last week the temperature soared to a balmy 50 degrees so I shooed my big girls outside only to see that the winter heat wave had led my girls to believe that they should get buck naked and pour out their water bottles to play in the water. It's been a long cold winter, evidently delirium has set in, pray for us.

-My never-sick Lily bug spent three days puking her guts up. It was bad y'all. So very bad.

-Russ kept all three girls for four whole days while I headed down for sunnier skies to attend the If Gathering in Austin. The very fact that I can't get the words out to express what happened there or how it effected me is how I know I'm not a writer. Any decent writer wouldn't waste such a profound experience without recording it in beautiful words.

-When I got back everyone in my home had a cold, but it had warmed up. I may or may not have actually heard these words come out of my mouth, "You don't need a snack, just get a cough drop and get in the stroller." Gosh I'm just such a good mom.

-When Russ went to the store last week he came back with no less than three high end types of chocolate. Listen, you may not know this but Hubs and I are THE CHEAPEST people on earth. It was then that we realized that we may, possibly, sorta, kinda, be chocolate snobs. But when you look at the above bullet points I think we did the right thing investing in quality chocolate.

-I made a stinking sticker chart to keep Lily in bed. Can you sense my bitterness? Ahhhh the good ole days when I was going to be a great parent and my kids were going to do the right things simply because I had explained to them that it was the right thing. Again with the delusional?

-For the first time in my personal Olympic history ( I bet you didn't know I had one) I find myself white knuckled and terrified any time those athletes start hurtling themselves down that crazy narrow icy track whether it is head first, feet first, or in a bobsled. Is it that I have kids now that it seems so dangerous? *Not that it stopped me from not only allowing but encouraging my own child to ride a sit and scoot down a ramp toward a concrete slab. SMH, I seem to be getting progressively worse at motherhood as we go along.

-I now vow to make voice memos of the hilarious things that the girls say because I was going to share a whole bunch and when I started typing I forgot them all.

-OH writing that reminded me that yesterday we went to get a chicken and Lily proceeded to sing this song:

We are going

to get a chicken.

We are going

to get a chicken.

We are going

to get a big 'o chicken.



don't like chicken.

I think I can just be done on that note. (See what I did there)