If your not going to snort...

Why even bother! My mother got me a card that said that once (for reasons I'm sure most of you have experienced in person!)

I went to visit my sweet nieces this weekend one of whom is only a week and half old. I was watching her mamma change her when she opened up those precious little baby lungs and held forth.

Generally I don't make it a habit to laugh at newborns, but really...she's a snorter. In a bad way. I have never in my life heard such adorable little snorts!

Sometimes it just tears your heart out to hear a baby cry, but then sometimes God gives you a reason to giggle with the tears!

We were so blessed to get to hang out with our awesome family this weekend and I'm so grateful to the Lord that he has blessed our family with so much ability to have fun doing nothing! Now if the weather will PLEASE cooperate I would like to see my Booker peeps next weekend!