I'm Gonna Be Rich

Sunday I ventured to wear a shirt that was ever so slightly more fitted than most of my peasant style shirts. A sweet lady asked me if I was pregnant. Oh. My. Gosh.

Now hear me on this, I'm not upset with anyone, because well I actually think she was about to congratulate me instead of making some passive aggressive comment about my decision making. But still....

She thought I was pregnant enough to be showing!!!

Now I've tried my darnedest to find the motivation and discipline to work out and eat right, but the fact is I have a toddler and I'm nursing an infant. I'm tired and I'm very very hungry.

However, (this is where the getting rich part comes in) as I was playing with the Bug outside yesterday she was asking me to do all manner of crazy things on the trampoline for her entertainment and I realized my muscles where screaming at me. Like, ALL of them.

So here is the plan, I'm going to come up with a trampoline exercise plan, sell it to Beach Body, make an infomercial, and get rich!

Easy Peasy!

(Don't go stealing my idea because I a much too tired to do it today.)

(Or for the next five years or so)