I'm in Control

Act One Scene One

Me on the phone with Poison control.

Medical Professional: Hello how can I be of service to you today?

Me: My daughter just ate a whole Robin's egg. Is that okay, I've heard they're poisonous.

Medical Professional: Is she coughing, gagging, or showing discoloration.

Me: No, she actually looks pretty proud of herself.

Medical Professional: *Chuckles* Now just to be clear we are talking about an actual Robin's egg here not the street drug that goes by that name, correct.

Me: Correct

Medical Professional: And she ate the whole egg? Shell and all?

Me: Yes

Medical Professional: *Chukles again* as long as she doesn't start vomiting or diarrhea just watch for food poisoning symptoms and she should be fine. Make sure she stays hydrated and have a great day.