I'm Trendy!!!!!

I'm trendy! I know. I was shocked as well. Mostly because my closet is full of solid colored clothes from Old Navy and that doesn't exactly scream "trendsetter!"

But it turns out baby bunching is popular.

In case you don't know what that is the definition is, "having babies less than two years apart"

And since my babies will be sixteen months apart, we qualify as baby bunchers. When you throw in the fact that we hope to adopt an under three year old in the next year or so that makes us uber-trendy! (In case you didn't feel like doing the math on that one it's three under three!)

So in review it took 26 (whoa, I'm 26?!??) years but I'm finally on top of a trend. (Even if it was an accident)

I'll comfort myself with that when I'm sleep deprived, trying to sync naps and and figuring out how to get more than one kid in a car seat at the same time.