I can already see the fear in some of your hearts. For some of you that title alone is enough to make you crazy. For others it's slightly more indifferent. Well I spent a weekend with my in-laws this weekend and as usual it was amazing. You see when it comes to inheriting families I was, to say the least, abundantly blessed! (It's okay, I know your turning funny shades of green with envy.)

We spent the whole weekend just laying around laughing telling stories and eating (the great food is just a cherry on top), but mostly just watching my adorable niece wander around and do adorable things!

It is incredible to watch her growing up and learning so many new things, but the funnest part was the singing and the dancing. She could belt out a song any time anywhere, usually sticking with "He's got the whole world in His hands" or the "ABC's", but everyonce in awhile she would just make up her own (hmmmm...maybe we have a future star on our hands!?!?)

However much fun we had watching her, I could probably tell you hands down what her favorite part of the weekend was...

100_2047Ripping through all that fun paper!

Okay, I guess I'm done gushing for the day (Seriously though...she is adorable if I haven't mentioned that before)!