In the Current

Okay now it's all really starting to sink in. It took almost a week, but I feel like I'm swimming upstream. So I thought just for fun I share a little stream of consciousness. Be in awe at the crazy.

"Okay since we are making a trip to Ikea for the boys beds should we just go ahead and get some girls beds too. Well if we are going to do that then we might as well go ahead and get a minivan and strap the ole care seats in, chill girl you got plenty of time before Ava will even think about being in bed. Except that it is a long trip to Dallas and every time you get home you wished you would have just bought it all on this trip so definitely you should just get two bunk beds. Except that we do actually need that minivan now and that's gonna cost some money so probably best to just set that extra set of beds on the back burner until after we buy a new car, two new car seats, and take a four person trip halfway around the world. Okay good call, no extra beds. But Man! That hack where they chalkboard painted the bunks and then put the kids names on it was really cool, it sure would be fun to have them in the girls' room and the boys' room. Then there would be less arguing. Oh no! Arguing. How in the work am I gonna do this, I can't even stop Lily for torturing being a little rough on Ava. Surely I am an unfit mother. But they don't let people who are unfit mothers pass homestudies right? Of course they do think about that crazy lady who sent her kid back on plane by himself with a note pinned to him. Well I'm definitely not that crazy. Maybe I could get one of those "get along" t-shirts I saw on Facebook. I wonder what size we would need to make toddlers stay in there together? Oh who am I kidding my toddler wouldn't stay in there for nothing. You know what we will just fight those battles when we get there. I mean Lily and Ava are sharing a room now and they don't bother each other much. I mean besides Lily always wanting to climb in Ava's crib. Wonder of she would stop doing that if she could sleep on the top bunk? That's it. We should get the beds."

See? Marvel at the crazy.