I'm a Bird

I think I found the one time laughter is harder to control than church giggles. Because I seriously struggle with laughing when I should be disciplining. But can I just get an "Amen" that sometimes the awestruck wonder at what could possibly be going on in my babies heads when they make decisions just brings me to a giggly fit of tears. Last night after we had put Lily to bed she was making some seriously strange noises. When I went back to tell her to pipe down (because I'm 150 years old in spirit) (and because NCIS was on) she wove a nonsensical tale about being bird that was designed to keep me in the room and her eyelids from getting heavy. I nodded and listen while tucking her back in, reminded her that it was time to shut it down and then headed out.

Moment later I heard her shrieking for mommy. Slightly more frustrated this time I marched back there to put a stop to the yelling.

She wasn't in her bed. At first sweep she was nowhere to be seen, but I knew she hadn't escaped her room because she was still loudly crying out for me.

That's when I saw a little blonde head peeking out from behind the blinds of the window. Just ABOVE my head. Because she had gotten stuck. On the window sill. And that is not funny.

Oh my goodness, YES IT IS!!!!

I would love to say that I choked it down and composed myself long enough to get her back in bed with a stern warning but the truth is..well...I died laughing. Honestly, if I had taken my phone with me I would have probably been as inappropriate to have snapped a picture.

Once I regained control I discovered that the reason she had climbed off of her bunk on to the window sill in the first place was somehow related to the bird story she had been previously espousing. Oh. Well. Maybe I should have paid a little more attention.

But then I would have missed that tiny little head poking out from behind the window above my head talking out of mind about birds.

Some things are just worth the giggles y'all.