So Miss Smarty Pants has learned yet another trick! She has learned to initiate a smile. As opposed to us making ridiculously cheesy faces for a few minutes to get one precious smile out of her. She now knows how that if she gives you a big gummy grin, she will get one back (followed by squeals of thrill and very tight hugs)

So how does my little bug choose to wield this new power?

At nap time of course. She's no dummy; she knows you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

Put her down for a nap and her eyes pop open and here comes that gummy smile.

Go to check on her after she starts squealing and you'll see that big smile.

All this of course creates an overwhelming urge to scoop her up in your arms and hug her and play with her and kiss her sweet chubby cheeks, which of course is exactly what she was going for. Like I said...she's no dummy, but she sure is a cutie!