Inside out!

I had a fourth grade reading class today. So far I have had a fifth grade language arts class and a fourth grade math class and if I do say so myself I was pretty awesome as a teacher. I broke it down I helped them understand when they just didn't get it, I even managed to show the correct steps to math problems (no seriously...I checked the key).

It stood to reason that when I got a fourth grade reading class today that it would be easy-peasy. Reading is what I do best, it is what I love the most, it is an area in which I have always excelled. Plus this is fourth grade level, they are old enough for chapter books, this is going to be so much fun!!!!!

Why can't anyone understand when I am trying to break down a word for them? Why do they not comprehend anything that I JUST read to them? I mean really, I just read it and went over the summary!!!! Why can't they answer a few questions or write a few sentences that shows me they understand anything they just ready? Why am I so frustrated?!?!?!?!?!?!

I am suppossed to be good at this. I am the substitute that grew up in Education. I am the subsitute that knows it from the inside. This is my subject. This is my area. This is so frustrating.

The good news about subbing is after 3:15 you move on to something new.

Who knows, maybe I'll get lucky and get math again ; ) !