Inspired to Care

Sometimes I just don't care. I know it sounds mean, and it is, but I honestly get so tired that it is difficult for me to care any more. What's furthermore? I suspect February in general always elicits that particular attitude. It is just so hard to care by the end of February.

So my wise husband sent me away to Created for Care, and adoptive moms retreat in Georgia.

And I resisted. Not because I didn't think I needed the rests, I knew I did. I pushed because it seemed so extravagant when there are so many things to be done at home, when there are so many bills to be paid.

I resisted because I didn't feel worthy of a weekend of rest. I had just stopped caring, it's not like I was exhausted from doing a great job. I definitely wasn't doing that.

Russ pretty much shoved me on that plane. You're are going to get on that plane, and I don't care if you spend the whole time in your room, you are going to that retreat. Ah, real love.

But what happen on that lake island? Is that I got inspired to care.

They fed us. They told us we were pretty. (Well, at least that Christ in us is pretty.) But more than anything they did, it was the people who were there.

I spent the weekend with women who believe so strongly in macro justice that they fight on a global scale, and believe in micro justice profoundly enough to open their doors to the world's tragedy of injustice to provide sanctuary.

They are fierce for the Kingdom of God, and so gentle for the least of these. Women who have stared down impossible and believe in miracles. Women who have witnessed unspeakable pain and believe in healing.

They believe God makes beauty from ashes even as they're standing in the cinders. Women who know hope rises, hop precedes, and hope prevails.

"The one who walks with the wise will become wise, but a companion of fools will suffer harm." Proverbs 13:20

These women who care so deeply? Inspired me to care, because we are indeed, Created for Care.

(I think it's safe to say we kicked our feet up for a little rest.) IMG_6037 IMG_6035 IMG_6032