Inverse Relationship

My understanding of an inverse function in relation to a graph (and my math understanding is very limited) is that it involves points moving in opposite directions with equal points. The Bug and I have a little bit of an inverse function going on as a relationship right now. You see as I get bigger and bigger my speed is getting slower and slower (oh look another inverse function!). Inversely the longer the Bug walks the faster and faster she goes.

This is slightly disconcerting. Mostly because there is nothing I can do about it. The other day as I was juggling all the Church stuff ( Bibles, Bags, Snacks, ect) an writing a check (because Mary Kay mascara is worth it) Lily took off. Fast.

As I scrambled to work around the bump and finish the check to free a hand and get my momentum going she made it all the way down our huge church concourse and went BACK in to the nursery that I had just gotten her out of, because of course that's where the fun lives. Worse than that, she actually made it halfway back before I really even got going.

Guess we are going to have to stay in places with very well defined boundaries because we have three more months of being an inverse function!