It Must Be Mentioned

Listen, for my friend Jessica's sake I have tried to avoid too much college football talk around here. But after yet another messy fourth quarter win on Saturday it left Texas Tech 7-0 and ranked number 10 in the BCS rankings. Y'all. Seriously. Now it feels just a little bit like the only reason we are ranked so high is because better teams in front of us keep losing and we aren't losing...but I guess that's how it is goes. I'm not complaining. Truthfully with a head coach who has never head coached so much as little league, two true freshman quarterbacks rotating in and out and the hardest teams in the Big 12 still left on the schedule (I'm talking to you Baylor) (Never saw that coming) I'm happy to take what I can get when I can get it. At the end of the day what can you say? Top ten is top ten...WRECK EM TECH!!!!