It's All Coming Back to Me Now

It's a fact that retro is always in, some fashion or another is always being recycled for the time being. Well as we were sitting at the baseball game (In shorts and tank tops with no wind in February, Praise the Lord!) I was taking a look around at the young 'ens to see what exactly was coming around now. I could not believe my eyes!!!!! 1992 was a great year for me and I got to spend half the baseball games reminiscent of that because of all the trends I saw around me.

The girls all had loose french braids with some hanging down in front. Several people male and female had on neon wayfayer sunglasses (I'm not hating... I have a pair of tortoiseshell wayfayers). And then I saw my complete and utter astonishment....


Seriously? Jorts?

You know...Jean shorts...the very thing I have endlessly mocked certain friends and family for over the years.

They were everywhere. So I guess I owe those of you that have been at the tail end of some of my jokes (Dad) a sincere apology. It would appear that you were ahead of the curve this year and I'm gonna have to choke down some pride to stay up with the times!!!