It's Not Funny

Do y'all remember how the same month Ava learned to crawl she climbed up the suitcases to the banister that separates the rooms on our house?


No? Well do you remember when she was thirteen months old and had just learned how to walk and she climbed up on the six foot platform?


No? Well do you remember that time I sort of let her climb up the ladder while her daddy was putting up Christmas lights to see how far she would go before she got scared? And then do you remember how when she didn't get scared I realized we had a problem and I took the girls inside the house, locked the door that separated them from the ladder, and went to put some towels up? Remember how when I got back in the room Ava wasn't there and when I asked Lily where she went she said casually, "Oh she wanted to go back outside so I unlocked the door for her."

Remember that time that I went outside and OH MY GOSH MY ONE YEAR OLD IS ON THE ROOF, RUSS PLEASE GET HER!!!!!



Well then remember that time I was curling my hair and I looked over to see her drinking out of the toilet? Yeah. Like a dog.

Or that time she took off her Pj's and her diaper in the morning AFTER she had pooped and climbed up in her sister bed and caused me and Hubs to wake up to an early morning bath and lots of laundry?

Or that phase when she decided to potty train herself but insisted on taking ALL her clothes off when she went potty?


It's not funny...yet.

But the day is coming soon when reading this is going to cause potty issues in some other people.