Jammed Full

Wow I had an...interesting Wednesday!  Adventure #1:

Mission: Clean out the storage shed.

Mission Accomplished

As I lifted, pulled, assembled, dragged, bent, stretched, and sweat I saw the storage shed coming together beautifully. Its really amazing what you can do with some plastic shelves and some elbow grease!

After I closed the shed door, threw Fiona the football a few times I stauntered towards the house to reward myself with a coke.

Wa...Wait, What??!?!?!

Why can't I get in!?!?!

Oh no, I locked myself out.

No keys, no phone, no way to transport myself but my good ole trusty legs.

So off I marched and I do mean marched. It was such a very good indignite march. I mean how could I be so silly! I marched and stomped my way the whole six blocks to where Russ was working.

After a flash of suprise on his face to see me strolling (read doing the pout stomp) his face melted into a bemused grin. He didn't know what happened, but then again he didn't have to; I had marched six blocks empty handed!!! After hugging me, kissing me, and giving me his key to get in, he gentely reminded me about the key hidden in the backyard...

Right...I knew that? Well he swears I did and as he is a very honest person we'll have to take him as his word!


Adventure # 2

Mission: Make Cindy's Christmas Cookies

Mission: Still in progress

While singing Joyful and Triumphant and Waltzing of the Flowers around the house I decided the time has come to make Christmas cookies from scratch.

I peeked in the cabinets and refrigerator, made my list, and came home with a grocery bag full of potential cookies.

I read line by line and started putting in ingredients as I read. A dash of this, a few of these, a cup of that, four eggs. One. Two. Three. Uh oh! Only three eggs! I grabbed my keys and flew to the store to get another carten of eggs.

Ahhhhh, much better I thought as I cracked my fourth egg. I mixed like a mad woman and headed down the the next line.

5 Cups of flower. Wow five cups is a lot! Yikes I only have about 3 inches left in my bag of flower!

Off I flew again. As I reached the store paring lot I was gripped with panic!!! I had left a candle burning (to cover the smell of the burnt quisedillas I made for lunch). I whipped right back out of the parking lot and rushed home.

Okay candle is blown out. Still need more flower.

Return from the store witha huge bag of flower in tow. Ready to measure out flower. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Wait...I have some left in this bag!!! Surely there wasn't enough. I was sure there wouldn't be enough!!!

Needless to say that dough got mixed like dough has never gotten mixed before!

Were the cookies good...guess you'll have to wait and find out...