Jane: Six Months

Hi Jane, You are six months old now, halfway through your first year! For mommy that's both exciting and a little sad; you're blowing my mind with how fast you are growing and learning.

I guess you are officially mobile now. While you have been rocking on those hands and knees for awhile now you finally figured out an effective army crawl and all the sudden you are surprisingly fast! You also learned to sit up this week, but honestly you just aren't much interested in just sitting there, you rarely sit for more than a few seconds before you reach forward and get to moving. I have a feeling the advice to always keep moving forward would be redundant to your little brain that seems to be always telling you that anyways!

You, sweet Jane, are also a giggler. You giggle when we go get you out of bed, when daddy come home, when you see your sisters, and sometimes when you are laying on the floor playing just for no reason at all. You have just such a happy little spirit! And when you aren't giggling? You scream. Not sad or mad screams, just a happy little squeal over and over again, I can't blame you sister, to get your voice heard in this mad house sometimes you have to make a little noise.

I love you dearest girl and your daddy and I pray crib stably for you!

Love, Mommy