Judging Ant Parenting

Lily: Look what I got Mommy! She thrusts the side of her hand up at me.

Me: That's a Red Ant baby! We don't play with those!

I brush it off and give it a good squish.

Lily: Why can't I play with the ant?

Me: Because Ants will bite you and make you have an owie.

Lily: That ant didn't bit me. How come you think it might bit me?

Me: When ants get scared and they are away from their home they bite.

Lily: That's not nice.

Me: they aren't trying to be mean, that is just the way they protect themselves.

Lily. Why did not their mommy and daddy tell them No Biting!?

So Internet peeps? Why didn't they?

Do we have to get all judgy about those ant parents now?