June Giveaway


Y'all. I have a bombshell confession: I was born in Oklahoma. 

Fine. I know that if you don't live on state that has the Red River as a border, but for those of us straddling the line, it's kind of a thing. 

Which is why I was so excited to get a peek at my friend Kalan Lloyd's book, "Home is Where Your Boots Are."

***I'm just going to go ahead and put the disclaimer right here that there is language in this book. Even a bomb or two. You have been notified.***

So, yeah, there is language. And, for sure it isn't an Amish romance. In fact, that is what is so delightfully lovable about Lilly, the main character, she is so wildly real that she ends up feeling familiar. We get a little of that Real Life Red River Rivalry, a little self-discover, and plenty of boots.

It's funny, witty, and has enough southern sass to make your husband wondering why you are sitting on the couch laughing. No? Just me?

This is a girl going home, because life didn't go as she had scripted it. That's a thing we can all relate too, amiright?

It comes with all the frustrations, missteps of heading back to your hometown with all the people who know you best. That sinking feeling of walking into a room and having to explain what went wrong is, is the ultimate in hometown humility. We all know that sharp fear of being judged by those we left in the dust. But then there's this...

And then it hit me. They wouldn’t. They wouldn’t be disappointed in me. They might yell; they might chastise. But most likely, they’d take me into their fold, stroke my hair and dry my tears. The whole town that had raised me might judge me, but they’d also love me anyway.

Because at the end of the day that's what it's all about right? The people we love. The people that love us. 

I'm excited today to have the privilege of giving a copy away. So to enter leave a comment and tell me what your favorite hometown memory! For addition entries share on Facebook or Pinterest and come on back and leave another comment to let me know!