Keep On Rolling...

Y'all the Bug didn't roll over until she was almost eight months old. Since I was a first time mom I pretty much spent four months in a state of panic and asking our doctor over and over if she needed physical therapy. She didn't need physical therapy, she just didn't want to roll over; she rolled when she was good and ready and by the end of the same week she rolled, she crawled. Ava, my dear sweet Ava, is taking a more traditional root and the phrase, "be careful what you wish for," leaps to mind. She rolls and rolls and rolls. But mostly she rolls at nap time. And bedtime. She is living up to her Avacakes nickname because we keep having to flip her like a little pancake 20,000 times a day. Okay, thats an exaggeration. Just 2,000 times. Soon she will be able to not only roll over, but she will be able to roll back over, she will be able to position herself however she wants.

However until that day comes is it okay to use velcro?