Keeping Track

Listen Peeps, for some of you what I'm about to say will be a little bit of a bombshell, but i suspect for most of you this will be no big surprise. We plan on homeschooling. At least we plan on homeschooling the early years. I can, and at some point will, give you the multitude of reasons we are choosing this path and all probably start with one big factor that DIDN'T play into our decision. However even if our minds change in the next two years the fact is that Lily is three and half and she wants to do more learning. She is hungry and there is no way I'm going to put a damper on that particular desire. Also we have no preschool in town anymore so this is a great time to practice. 

You should also know that I have read until the words have run together. I have read about educational philosophies. I have read research. I have read benefits and downfalls. I have read until I am inspired and until I am discouraged. Somewhere in all that reading I started seeing a path open before us. Due to my analytical nature I usually know what I can handle and what my girls can handle.

The fact is I have seen what an amazing thing God had created in human mind, particularly in the mind of a child. They want to learn, they are driven to discover, and they fly forward with or without our help. It is quite literally a majestic sight. So here we are…the beginning of "preschool" years and I have mostly decided to do nothing. 

Okay, okay that makes it sound much more dramatic than it reality shows. What I mean by nothing is that I mostly just want to facilitate.  It turns out my babies have learned a whole lot without so much as a circle time. They know how to walk and talk. Lily can spout off memory verses like she is getting paid for it, and recite books cover to cover. They ask questions all day long. Hard questions. Most importantly though they play hard. They dig in mud, swing, run, jump, pretend, build, and knock down. Without me even stepping foot out the back door with them they are laying a beautiful foundation for physics, chemistry, math, poetry, biology, storytelling, and so much more. My choice is just to provide resources. I choose to answer questions and help them find books to answer the questions I can't, to keep conversations going, to play pretend with them, to read them spectacularly good books, to let them help cook, and let them bang on drums and push the keys on the piano and mostly to control myself enough to step out of the way and let them be independent enough to learn on their own. 

The truth is it is a little bit of a scary course to take in our world of do more earlier to be the best later. While I don't really buy that sometimes I still get nervous when I see what their peers are doing. I decided to combat these feeling by putting together an available list of research that points to the good of our choice and mostly to keep track. When I started keeping track of what my three year old was already doing, I realized that it already looks a lot like a preschool day in writing. In reality it just looks like conversations about what day of the week it is and what day comes next, what season it is when we have to wear coats, and what a ladybug is made of; it looks like playing. 

It looks just exactly like it should look for us and honestly I'm pretty excited.