Knocked Down

It was a rough weekend around the Hodges' household that involved dance performances, growth spurts, and culminated with a trip to the ER for Russ. Now what I'm about to say is probably wrong in so many ways, but sometimes getting knocked down is a huge blessing because it allowed for a little down time. Even with all the madness I was kind of glad we were forced to stay home and sit still. I am also glad that Russ is feeling better, an not just because he drives me a little crazy when he spends all day at home ; )

Also, Lily had the dreaded two month shots. I worried and fretted and I was nervous especially since I had to do it without Russ' help since he was sick. We got there, I stripped her down, laid her on the table. I was almost in tears at her sweet unsuspecting face. I held her arms down and talked to her in a soothing voice and of all things she started smiling at me. I felt so mean. Then here they came. All three shots. She looked a little surprised, turned bright red, let out a heart wrenching scream and then....

that was it.

After that she fell asleep and slept the rest of the day. (Then of course stayed up all night wanting to play)

So I guess that would be why God tells us so many times in the Bible NOT TO FEAR. Cause it's never as bad as I think it will be. Still haven't learned that lesson, but I bet God will keep trying to teach me!