Ladies Man

The Hannah Montana movie was amazing just in case you were wondering! So Russ and I go to the drive -in to watch Hannah Montana because we love the drive-in (wink wink) and it's inexpensive. (and I suspect partially because Russ doesn't want to be seen at most of the movies I want to watch)

It took about 2 1/2 seconds there to figure out we were the ONLY one's watching it with out kids in our car. It also took abour 2 1/2 seconds for Russ to catch a few ladies eyes. Now my devestatingly handsom husband isn't usually one to flirt, but that he  did and he was shameless.

You see it seems the little girl in the car next to us wanted to play peek-a-boo with Russ and once that got started and her older sisters got wind of it then everybody wanted some action. I'm pretty sure me and the little girls' mom could have died from laughing so hard after 15 minutes of peek-a-boo. Luckily we had a little 'Best of Both Worlds' action to get everyone settled down!

Yes. I'm an adult. And yes I love Hannah Montana. Got a problem with that?!?! ; )