Well hello! How are you doing? We have been doing well, like actually really doing well. After 21 weeks of intense sickness I have now had almost two straight weeks of only minor morning sickness, and not even every day! What that means is that I have been living normal life. What is normal? Cooking dinner, brushing my teeth, staying up past 6:30 PM, playing with my girls, and going for walks. I've been so busy catching up on "normal" life that I missed a few things you need to know about:


I chopped veggies. Even a few weeks ago I would not have even been able to fathom being able to do this. Praise God!

This one is crazy fast now! Know what that means? She is in to everything! She pulls all the laundry out and before I can redirect her and find some order she has emptied out a few kitchen cabinets. Whew! She's going to wear me out.


Also? She makes Lilybug look like a safe and cautious child.

Yeah. That look of fear that just crossed your face? That's where I live now.


And in some not-so-breaking news for my communication gifted child she seems to be having another language development explosion. This one? Revolves around superlatives.

There is no such thing as a little bit in her world.

"I'd like too much" "Do you feel much better?" "Oh My Goodness!" "This is the most delicious"

She has also decided that "everything" is her favorite. (Stop pointing fingers! Some of us are just very enthusiastic about life!)

When we took the girls to Lubbock on Saturday she told us on the way,

"Red is my favorite thing"

When we got there,

"Football is my favorite thing"

After the game,

"I've cream is my favorite!"

Actually I believe that one. Ice cream for the win.