For most of my life my leaps were called something else. Like jete's or better yet Grand Jete's. Well it's been a while since I have been in a world were a Russian is a kind of jump not a nationality, but I find myself about to make a huge Grand Jete of Faith.

As I mentioned the other day I have been involved in some job interviews and some intense searching for a profitable job, but to be perfectly honest I had absolutely no peace about anything coming my way. So here I stand with several offers on the table eyes lifted to Heaven and walking away from all of them for right now.

I going in a different direction. I feel like God has blessed me with an entrepreneurial open door and I plan on walking dancing right through it.

That's right. I'm going to teach dance. I'm working on renting a place as we speak and I plan to start in September. I could definately use all the prayers I can get!

So far all I've got is a name:


Just like that, in lowercase letters with a period. As in "I'm going to dance. She's at dance. I just love dance."

Get it?!?!?

***On a side note my mom is happy that after spending thousands of dollars and hours investing in my lessons over the years I'm actually using them!