Lessons Learned

Things I learned this week:

  • That if hunger is the best seasoning than laziness is the best salt, because that popcorn I just ate for lunch was delish!
  • That stain (as in for wood) is just that. It will stain your step stool, your clothes, your skin and your hair.
  • That the Oldham County Country Club (the county of which Vega is the county seat) is NOT in fact in Oldham county, but in Def Smith County.
  • No one seems to know why the Oldham County Country Club is not in fact in Oldham county. (if you do know, please feel free to share)
  • A bike ride to Taylor's Vega Market is worth it to get some butter biscuits to eat the homemade jelly given to you by your neighbor (specially if you only had popcorn for lunch!)
  • If your hungry in this town all you have to do is stop by someone's house to say 'hi' and you will come away with food. (Which of course I am not taking advantage of even though I don't particularly care for cooking)
  • And even though I am not at all biased or loaded with preconceived ideas or anything, but Russ sure did do a fabulous job teaching at Grace Wednesday night!