Life Lately: 2016 Fall Photo Dump

Hey friends! Things have been oh so wild and crazy around here what with devotionals, #Sentprints, our first official semester of homeschool, and well...five kids under six.

So I thought I'd give you the highlights

1. Nature attacked. In one week our dog got skunked (and let in the house), I got stung by a wasp (evidently I'm allergic), and we literally had water lapping up against our front and back door. I'm generally a fan of the great outdoors, but I was pretty much ready to hide away in a high rise tower downtown somewhere. 



















This pic was well after the waters had receded.

I like to call this look flood chick. When you are wearing flannel and sandals to stay warm and dry.























2. We did the official, it fall you should have pictures at a corn maze/pumpkin patch thing. But we did it with our friends which made what would have been a harrowing experience really fun!


We made an attempt at a cute pic, but the kids were wired and sugar high at this point.


No, she wasn't calling for directions. She was calling for food. Duh.

I guess Eli was feeling intense about getting out of that maze!






















































































3. Homeschool has been great. And hard. And horrible. And wonderful. I'm having a lot of feelings about it. On one hand watching my two oldest learn to read has been a thrill like whoa. On the other hand I find it challenging to live in the chaos everyday. It helps that we do a lot of learning Thriller and playing dress up. 


The only kid who cared about Thriller on an appropriate level.

IMG_9714 IMG_9720




































































4. Russ camped with the kids in the backyard, WHILE I SLEPT IN THE HOUSE. Someone give that man a trophy pronto. Also if you have never experienced my oldest son telling a story, you should. It is magnificent. 

Alex Story IMG_4643 IMG_4644 IMG_4645 IMG_4650

Jane really was there! But fire=lap for that little wild one!